New CD Recording Release date September 15, 2015 The Action Guys with the Aaron Aranita Big Band  "Rough Jazz"

Rough Jazz  Featuring  Garry Moore 

trumpet solo- Valery Ponomarev

trombone solo- Arthur Davis

baritone sax and tenor sax- Aaron Aranita

  1. Rough Jazz                                      
  2. Home Cookin'                               
  3. The Big Banditos                                
  4. Tomorrow's About To Come               
  5. Mood Swing                                       
  6. Kung Food Fight                              
  7. Bossa Nove Bob                              
  8. Beboparoni                                        
  9. Make Some Other Plans                 
  10. Sweet Leilani                                     
  11. The Love Bug                                    
  12. Sweet Ol’ Time                               
  13. Talking On My Cell Phone Line    
  14. Luau Lips                                           
  15. I’m In The Mood For Food
  16. Where The Wind blows              


you feel like you've lost your edge?

The Boss treating you bad at work,

your dog ran away and girlfriend left too

with the flat screen TV?

You Need rough Jazz!       Get your Mojo Back.


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 John Iyoki, Michael Chock, Phil Scellato, Aaron Aranita, Angel Cabradilla back row- Ray Beatty, Gordon Tokishi, Chuck James, Wayne Kawahara, Al Romero, Travis Oh, Clement Zhang and Sunny Silva



. The Idea Of Love

3. The Littlest Things

4. I'm A Caffeine Man

5. Let's Get Juiced

6. Love Prescription

7. We Both Belong Together

8. Weedwack Attack

9. Home Movies

10. Just Use Me

11. String Of Pearls

12. In The Mood


Don Smith, Deshannon Higa, Bob Scellato and Kevin Leong.


Pat Hennessey, Kyle Hanki and Dick Bowman

Saxophones, Flute and Clarinet

Aaron Aranita

Acoustic Bass

Ernie Provencher and Miles Jackson


Chuck James, James Ganeko and Jerome James


David Yamasaki


Aaron Aranita

Recorded at Sugartown Records Aaron Aranita-engineer

Piano recorded at Spectrum Recording Kurt Thompson-engineer                  

Tracks 1-6,9 & 10 Mixed by Stephen Hart at The Mixroom, Petaluma, CA      

Tracks 7,8,11 & 12 Mixed by Aaron Aranita                                                

Mastered by Aaron Aranita                                                                          

Front cover photo by Jeffrey Aranita


Jazz recordings 


One Day- 2001

Don't Stop The Feeling- 2005

Cool Head Jazz  2010

available on CDBABY.COM

Big Band Charts available on Walrus Music Publishing


Weedwack Attack Single

Featuring Alwyn Erub on vocals and the Aaron Aranita Big Band


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